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Having a tough time getting positive results for your business organic traffic? Ain ul haq is an SEO expert and SEO consultant in Pakistan who can help you improve traffic, generate more organic leads and optimize your business website for higher conversion rate. 

Lets get improve your business’s online visibility with my experience in SEO consultancy.

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Your Challenge of Finding

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Market is full of SEO’s and Marketing professionals but it is hard to find a true professional SEO expert locally in Islamabad – Pakistan who is qualified to rank your brand in top of the Google SERPs. SEO is not about simply optimizing for keywords and building links. ITS 2023 ALREADY! and a lot has changed. Today’s SEO requires a lot more than just backlinks and Onpage SEO.

“Ainulhaq Digital Marketing” is specialised to optimise your brand image and with such quality content, graphics, user experience, design and website architecture that search engines love. Ainulhaq make sure that your website or app store listing is optimized for the users and provide greater value against their specific search terms.

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Why do you need professional SEO services in Pakistan?

Organic traffic that is coming to your business website has the highest chances of conversion than any other marketing channels. 

The more traffic you generate, the more sales you will get from your website. People who reach your product page or service page by making a search query on google are qualified to making a purchase. But, if your web page does not provide an optimal user experience then you might be losing on a potential customer. 

To make sure such incident does not happen, you need an SEO expert or an SEO expert in Pakistan who can not only just rank you in the SERPs, but can also help your customers understand your product and guide them through out their marketing journey.

My SEO Agency in Pakistan has a team of talented individual with who are seasoned at what they do. Just like me, my team is experience and efficient at their job. You can trust my SEO agency with your business

SEO Consultancy Services in Islamabad

SEO expert services in Pakistan

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization strategies vary from business to business and with my exprities in competitor analysis and search engine analysis I can provide the best SEO consultancy to my clients based anywhere in Pakistan.

Local SEO / Google business

Local SEO is a lot more important than we think, specially in Pakistan where more people tend to buy from local stores as a walk-in customer then purchasing a product online. I can help your business rank in top 3 of google map results in your region.

Google Penalty Recovery

Low quality SEO services can lead to getting penalized by the search engines and a lot of SEO's use black hat tactics to rank. These sites get penalized and are hard to recover. If your site got hit by such penalty I can help.

Technical SEO Audit

Technical SEO audit is as important as understanding how search engines see your website. It can be tough with large e-commerce websites. I offer Technical SEO audits & reports using my extensive experience in Technical SEO in Pakistan.

Link Building

Link building is a nightmare for every SEO and this is where most SEO experts fall back!. Being the best SEO Consultant in Pakistan, I provide quality link building advice, strategy and services that are safe to use and provide long-terms results.

Adv Keyword Research

Keyword research can make or break your web presence. Wrong keywords selection can hurt your rankings and you can lose your existing customer base where if the keyword research is done correctly you can double or generate upto 5 x more organic traffic.

SEO Strategy That Works - EXPLAINED

My custom SEO strategy for Pakistani clients

No business is similar and every other business requires a different SEO strategy. If one strategy works in one niche doesn’t necessarily mean it will give the same results in a different niche.

Having over a 8 years of SEO expertise working with SEO clients from all over the world, I put my focus on producing quality content for the website, delivering user experience and understanding the customer pain points and offer solutions like no other. Replicating competition who have already put time and effort in designing their SEO strategy is another major part of my SEO practice. This helps me understand how competition is managing to rank better and what we can do better to out rank the competition.

Hiring me as an SEO Consultant in Pakistan, you expect to have to best suggestions and implementation guidelines for your business website. Here is my typical workflow:-

  • Perform Keyword Research and map pages with relevant keywords.
  • Analyse competitors and understand their weak points.
  • Setup Local Google My business and rank in google map listings.
  • Optimize content, Test Meta tags, & improve customer journey by fixing site navigation and structure.
  • Technical SEO implementation to improve Page Speed Index, Page Experience, Mobile first indexing and mobile navigation.
  • and finally, HIGH QUALITY BACKLINKS!

Why choose us as top SEO agency in Pakistan, Islamabad?

Content Optimization &
Web Copywriting

High converting, engaging, user focused content

You might have heard the phrase content is king. It is an old saying and is still true to this date in 2023. Content doesnt necessarily have to be textual, it can be in the form of infographics, Taglines, PDFs, presentations or in the most effective form – videos. Combination of all content elements make a landing page. 

The arrangement of elements, tone of voice, and call-to-actions have to be super precise and speak to the the visitors. Goal is to indulge visitors in a deep conversation with your brand and help visitors find the right solution for their products. This is not applicable to landing pages only. But, includes a long term content stratagy that involves providing user focused information through the buying journey.

Web Content writing service

Technical SEO and User Experience

Fast, user friendly, mobile responsive, discoverable pages

Technical SEO of the website is becoming more important then ever. With  ever changing landscape of Search engines trying to improve their search quality and provide the best possible results to the searchers, it is really important for a website to have technically strong roots. 

Todays search engines require advance ranking signals other then content and backlinks to prove a web page to be worth the searchers intent. This is why you need an SEO expert in Pakistan, Islamabad who can make your website stand out to mobile users, desktop users and web crawlers.

Off-Page SEO / Off-Site SEO

Digital PR, guest blogging, inbound marketing & links

Link building is “old school”  in 2023! It’s more about building a brand and developing authority in the community. It has to be fast, massive and on-point to move a needle in the SERPs. Look at it the way you search engines see large multinational brands. Their link building is natural even though they receive thousands of backlinks in a single day from all kinds of places.

This includes having strong engagement metrics on social media, news publications, and having a prominent brand presence at every relevant platform possible. All this can be achieved by strategizing link building efforts to drive inbound traffic to the website from sources your audience might be hanging out at.

Link building service islamabad, pakistan

Local SEO &
Google My Business Optimization

Increase walk-in customer flow, Google map lisiting, business citation

Local SEO is booming in Pakistan, Islamabad as more businesses are being setup in this part of the world. This results in having a tough organic competition in local search pack in google search engine result page. If a business is listed in the top 3 local search pack it has 80% more chances of receiving inbound traffic, phone call and organic leads that result in walk-in customers to brick and mortar stores.

E-commerce SEO Consultant Islamabad

E-commerce store optimization, Amazon sales, B2B, B2C, better shopping experience

E-commerce SEO is different then regular SEO implementations for business sites and blog sites. E-commerce SEO involves web structure optimization, using latest and greatest web architecture for better performance, Improves site layout, writing product copies that clearly describes the product and helps website visitors make the right decision through crisp and clear call-to-actions. 

The navigation experience in e-commerce SEO plays a paramount role since this can directly influence user decision about the product purchase. My SEO expert services in Pakistan include 360 degree solution all things involving e-commerce. Whether it is you e-commerce website or Amazon. product listing page optimization. You can always consult me for help.-

ecommerce expert pakistan

Google Analytics GA4
[Implementation & migration]

Digital analytics, web traffic analysis, customer touch points

Goole search engine’s digital analytics tool Google analytics A.K.A Universal Analytics(UA) is being upgraded to Google analytics 4 A.K.A GA4. and the webmaster world is going crazy about it. Everyone has mixed reviews. However, in my opinion that has to be one of the greatest steps Google has taken to to improve digital analysis for a wider audience. By including analytics for Mobile apps in GA4 and introducing Google 360 features, free platform users can also benefits from it. Not to mention how efficiently it handles the data privacy concerns of  people.

I can help you setup Google Analytics GA4 and enable advanced e-commerce tracking so you can easily identify your traffic sources and learn how customers are interactive with your brands on the internet. This can greatly support your marketing efforts directly and reduce your marketing cost. Learn where your customers are and what they are i.e TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc

Top SEO Consultant in Pakistan

What I Learned from Working as an SEO Expert in Pakistan

I have been in the field of Digital Marketing for over 8 years and have got a chance of working with and ranking over 150 client websites all over the world. With so many successful project completed it is safe to say that I have extensive experience in a wide range to niches including medical, CBD, B2B services and e-commerce.

If you ask me, for being high in demand SEO consultant in Islamabad, the key to having success in the SERPs is to have user focused, custom SEO strategy that varies for each business case scenario. UI/UX design has been a part of my experience for over 4 years now. After the Google Core Web Vitals update it has now become a part of my strategy and everyday tasks. To sum up my experience here is what i can help you with for your business:

  • Click through rate – CTR  Optimization.
  • Conversion Rate Optimization – CRO.
  • Reduce Bounce Rate and improve site navigation.
  • Quality Keyword research that matters.
  • Better visibility for search engines. 
  • Write high converting landing page copies and ad copies.
  • Run PPC and Facebook, Instagram/ META Ad campaigns.

Let’s Talk about how i can help you rank your website!

About SEO Services Pakistan

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs)

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Proper SEO can drive high converting sales qualified traffic to your website. This can be done in house with some research and effort but this requires a lot of time in learning and testing different methods. If you hire a professional SEO expert in Pakistan, you can reduce your effort and let professionals do it for you while you focus on your business growth.

SEO Consultancy prices vary from business to business. Number of pages of your website, keyword difficulty, niche difficulty, competition and research required. Typically, my SEO Consultancy services are charged hourly $50 for Pakistan based clients. 

You can hire me and my team for your business SEO on a monthly retainer. However, the cost may vary depending on no of keywords, keyword difficulty, number of pages on the website, type of website and effort required. Typically we charge $500 / month for complete SEO services in Dubai.

If you hire us as your SEO Agency in Dubai? We offer end to end SEO services related to SEO. This includes, Keyword research, UI/UX recommendations, web copywriting, blog post writing, guest post writing, link building and outreaching. Link acquisition cost (if any) is not included in the package.

Yes we do have our in-house development team. However, the development is charged $65 per hour. We recommend you have your development team get in touch with us for SEO implementation guidance.

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